Private Dining Featuring:
Exquisite Cuisine
Professional Hospitality
Impeccable Service
Reliability in Clientele
Formal & Informal Dining Solutions:

Formal Dining:
Lunch Served Monday through Friday, Dinner Served Monday through Saturday
Casual Buffet Dining: Lunch Served Monday through Friday
Catering at Your Fingertips for:

Office Parties:
Large & Small Events
Professional Receptions, Meetings, Depositions, etc.

Family & Social Gatherings:
Catered delicacies of your choice delivered to any premises any time you wish

Orders to Go:
Morning Breakfasts by Reservations Only

Private Functions, Holidays & Specials:
Wedding Rehersal Dinners & Receptions
Company & Organizational Parties
Business Seminars & Meetings
Club Luncheons & Dinners
and much, much more!

Reciprocal Clubs:
Your membership supplies you with an open door to outstanding national and international clubs. The traveling Beacon Club member never has to worry!

Convenient Billing:
No more concerns about carrying cash. Whether here or at your favorite Reciprocal Club, your dining and entertaining charges will be billed to you once a month with all the professional accounting details you’ll ever need – with NO HIGH INTEREST!